About me


Born innovator

I am continually trying new things, not being afraid of how difficult it is. Recent endeavors include Blockchain, Machine Learning, and AI.

Software Engineer

I have extensive experience with Java including Spring Boot, enterprise technologies like BPM and broad knowledge of all things IT from networking to system integration.

Systems architect

I help teams setup application architecture and system architecture considering constraints, team structure, functional and non-functional requirements.

Tech Leader

I help the team solve problems as they arise, help with technology and integration issues, motivate and document infrastructure, processes, and standards.

DevOps advocate

On all projects I am a part of the team in, I ensure following things are correctly setup: Continuous Deployment, Gitflow, and Review process.


Currently working in ✈ Helsinki, Finland. Greatly enjoying clean air, fresh water, and friendly people!

Pitkäsilta Bridge